29 matches played in the Premier League so far and we have Manchester City leading the pack with 71 points. Defending champions Liverpool have managed to stay in the top 10 despite their injury crisis. West Ham, the surprise package this season sits at 5th, and The Arsenal under Mikel Arteta languishes at 9th. Leeds United(11th) seemed to have dropped points in the past few games, gaining only 4 points out of a possible 12.

The tail-end of the table sees Sheffield United and West Brom, struggling to keep pace with the rest. 18th place Fulham, although 8 points above…

The role of the defensive pivot in the midfield has become very important for clubs. Leicester won the Premier League, with N’Golo Kante in the 15–16 season, Chelsea won it the next season with the same player. Fast forward to the present and Pierre Hojberg, Kante(again) and Rodri to name a few are doing wonders for their respective teams.

This is just an analysis on the current Premier League season’s top defensive mids (till March 15th, 2021).

The average Premier League midfielder has tackled 43(mean) opposing players this season. Of this 19.1 have been in their own defensive third. Surprisingly…

We all remember James Rodriguez’s gem of a goal in the 2014 World Cup. The entire world of football was in awe of such a young and skillful attacking midfielder producing a moment of brilliance. Florentino Perez loved it too and an 80 mil euros transfer later, James was ready to play in La Liga. His previous stints had been in Porto and AS Monaco, most recently. Aged 22, he had contributed a total of 22 goals and assists for Monaco in the 2013–14 season. …

Manchester City are the league leaders. Ilkay Gundogan has proved to be pivotal in the few last games. If you look closely Gundogan is playing a very high role. The numbers clearly show how he is being used as an AMF than a DM he had been for the past seasons.

Below is Gundogan’s shot creating actions per 90 which has increased over the past year and is the maximum in his last 3 years at the club. We all know how important shots are in winning matches.

Shot creating actions per 90

If you take a look at the previous season, he had scored…

Kevin De Bruyne, Manchest….. Premier League’s best midfielder went off injured in Manchester City’s last league game against Aston Villa. They won the game but suffered a huge loss at the same time.

City’s next month sees them lock horns with Tottenham at Etihad, Liverpool and Arsenal away. They have the Manchester derby on the 6th of March and a Champions League Round of 16 just before against Monchengladbach on February 25th.

In De Bruyne’s absence, many are tipping Bernardo Silva to be a good replacement for him. But Bernardo has not been able to replicate his form since City’s…

Home team vs Away team goals over the years

The time series lineplot shows us that in the past 20 years of English football how teams playing on their home turf have dominated their away counterparts in terms of the goals scored at full-time. The gap keeps increasing as the years pass by, as is evident below.

Home teams seem to score more goals

Data credits — http://www.football-data.co.uk/englandm.php

Leicester City FC did the unthinkable in the 2015/16 season. A big cheers to all the blokes who bet on Leicester to win the league at 5000:1 odds. It reportedly cost England’s bookmakers 25 million pounds in payouts.

We all know it was Jamie Vardy and the Riyad Mahrez duo who set the Premier League on fire sharing 41 goals among them out of the total 68 Leicester scored that season.

Individual contributions made by Leicester’s marksmen in the 2015–16 season

Both Vardy and Mahrez drew a lot of interest post their triumph from big clubs but they both decided to stay put. Now there has been a lot of…

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